Strategic HR decoded
“If main purpose of HR Strategy is to create competitive advantage through people, it implies that you have to change the way you manage those people - Paul Kearns”
Our experience of over three decades across industries and organisations of all sizes that have seen tangible benefits started the Strategic HR journey with us by reflecting on the following questions...

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Excellence through HR Strategy

  • Where are we? Where do we aspire to be?
  • How shall we develop an HR Strategy to make it all happen?

Strategic Human Resources plan, though as important as Marketing, Finance or Operations, gets rarely included in the overall strategy, making it weak from the people perspective. A must for every organisation, an HR Plan helps factor in people related costs for operational budgets, map existing resources, review market conditions and skill gaps, besides anticipating future trends which could impact the organization.

How does Strategic HR work?

Your company vision drives your “why”, mission drives the “what”, while a strategic plan shows you the “how” to go about it. Verite HR team, helps an organisation graduate through each phase of change till the process is internalised into the organizational processes through:

  • Manpower Forecasting , evaluating current skills sets along with gaps
  • Developing HR processes to support HR Plan such as Competency Mapping, Talent identification & Development, Career & Succession Planning models, Mentoring processes, Review processes to name a few.

Strategic HRM thus helps address challenges of retention, optimization of human capital and operational excellence in the smartest possible way.

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Talent Management
Today’s talent heralds tomorrow’s success
Talent management, a mission critical process ensures organizations have in place competent people to meet their current and future business priorities. Value creation comes from talent pools across the hierarchy and not only from leadership teams. The moot question is - Are today’s leaders able to do more with less? The talent pipeline is only as strong as its weakest link.
Verite HR has been assisting organizations in formulating Talent Management as a business strategy to attract and retain exceptional talent for more than a decade.

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Talent Management

Simplifying Talent Management!

The talent management process covers all key aspects of an employee’s “life cycle” - selection, development, performance management, growth and succession. Employees seeking challenging and meaningful work, accountability and work life balance is on the rise, making it increasingly difficult to retain them.
Talent has always been at a premium and in short supply and in most organisations talent gaps exist at all levels. This raises questions about the capability of the company's internal talent pool’s robustness and the efficiency of talent development processes in closing the talent gaps.

Verite HR team aligns talent management with company strategy, defines consistent leadership criteria across all functional areas and helps organizations identify specific competencies to cultivate for continuing growth.

How do we help organizations in optimizing Talent Management?

1. Through structured Competency Mapping, Performance Management Systems, Assessment centers, Psychometrics to spot and develop employees with superior potential.

2. By designing a talent management plan that closes the talent gaps and is integrated with strategic and business plans. Superior talent is one of the greatest non replicable assets any organization can hope for! We help you take the right decisions in grooming these assets so that you not only achieve your business goals and ROI but develop a culture which creates leaders for tommorow

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Executive Coaching
"You get the best effort from others not by lighting a fire beneath them, but by building a fire within."Bob Nelson
Coaching takes talent to heights that seem impossible to transcend. It is getting an individual to achieve visions that s/he would never dare to dream of by her/him self. That's the beauty of coaching. You get to touch lives, and make a big difference.

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The Coaching Process

Understanding Executive Coaching.
Executive Coaching has been prevalent in different forms throughout history, whether it was Socrates guiding Plato in philosophy or Jijabai grooming young Shivaji on Strategy or transformational coaches of today like M Goldsmith building great leaders. Coaching is highly recognised and accepted today as a leadership development tool.
At Verite HR, Coaching is a well-structured process supplemented with appropriate tools like 360 degree feedback, psychological assessments and results oriented through one on one sessions. The process facilitates deep understanding and leveraging of one’s own strengths as well as recognizing and overcoming blind spots.
Our Coaching fundas :
  • Need based, time bound and measurable.
  • Asking right questions rather than providing right answers.
  • Is confidential, non-judgmental, and non-directive.
We believe Coaching is useful when :
  • Preparing for a new assignment or transition to a higher role.
  • Hi-Potentials need to balance growth with behavioral excellence.
  • In Career transition situations – to ease the stress and anxiety while preparing for new opportunities.
  • We at Verite believe that the Coach is the enabler and facilitator so we ensure our coaches are experienced, trustworthy, trained in the right techniques with ability to build rapport and nurture the coaching relationship.
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